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Рождественское поздравление епископа Николая Залуцкого

Dear friends! Dear brothers and sisters!
From the bottom of my heart I rejoice on the birth of our precious Lord Jesus Christ!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 Year!
There are abundant blessings in the birth of Our Savior!
When the Christ came to this world the Light came!
The Scripture says: “Arise and shine Jerusalem!”
The Church became glorious because of Jesus and filled with light!
On the field the angels told the shepherds: “Do not fear!”
The birth of the Savior takes away all fears! Today people are afraid of tomorrow, they fear sickness, crises, wars, death…there are more than 400 types of fear exist. But all the fears were gone when Jesus Christ was born! The angels said: “Do not fear!”
And I wish you all: Do not fear! There is a great joy in the birth of Our Savior given to all the people!
These wonderful Christmas days I wish you all much of God’s light in your hearts, your homes, your churches. I wish all the fears are gone and much joy is in.
Rejoice, because we are chosen, we are the children of God. We were far from each other but Jesus made us close. He revealed to us the relations with our Father and each other in love.
May these days His light be in us and thru us. And may His love puts us all in one Body of Christ. May His joy fill our lives!
Merry Christmas to you! And a Happy New Year!

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    • 18 00 Служение ученичества «Новая жизнь»
    • 19 00 Общецерковная молитва
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    • 08 00 Молитвенный завтрак бизнес-служения
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